Singular Looks Straight From The Pickleball Courts


We stopped by a few tournaments to scope out how the players are showing off their fashionable side.

“Wearing clothes with bright colors makes me feel more relaxed when I’m playing tournaments.” 
–Raul Berrios

Photographs Below by Catherine Armanasco

“I like to match to be more intimidating!”
–Brandon Masai with Ruby Cawley

“I chose red and black because red is supposedly the winningest color and black is the most intimidating.” 
–Barbara Brandt with Larry Herzberg

When the pros wear matching uniforms, they look more like a team. It adds to my sense that we are playing in unison, as one.”

—Barbara Brandt 

“I can’t count the times we’ve walked out of the closet dressed exactly the same or coordinating colors. We love neon! It makes us look way faster!” 
–Vanessa Bautista with Pat Bautista 

“Pickleball is such a fun and social sport, we wanted to do something lighthearted and competitive at the same time.” 
–Marc Philobos with Cara Hanelin

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