Fire Up Your Pickleball Game With This Motivating Playlist


Senior pro player Scott Fliegelman shares the music that makes him play best

Boulder, Colorado, is well-known as the training grounds for some of the nation’s top endurance athletes, and when pickleball coach Scott Fliegelman moved to the town in the ’90s, he quickly joined their ranks. Leaving behind years as a competitive tennis player and coach, Fliegelman didn’t pick up a racket for two decades—until pickleball crossed his path. “I knew going back to my former level of tennis was a bridge too far,” says the 54-year-old. “But because of my tennis background, I was able to jump right into pickleball and play at an advanced level rather quickly.”

Portrait: Bruce Yeung

Today Fliegelman is a 5.0 pickleball player, a top 15–ranked player on the senior pro tour, and the head pickleball pro at Boulder Country Club. In that role he has developed and leads a “pickle fit” class, guiding players through circuit training designed to keep them healthy on and off court. 

He created a mix of upbeat, motivating songs to fire up his class participants. “Many of these songs have been with me throughout my competitive years in a range of different sports,” he says. “When I hear them on the pickleball court, they bring back many positive memories and help give me the confidence to play my best.”

Fliegelman’s List

He shares a sampling here: 

“Kiss”—Tom Jones and Art of Noise

“Christmas Wrapping”—The Waitresses

“Classical Gas”—Mason Williams

“going the distance” (from the rocky motion picture score)—Bill Conti

“Party in the U.S.A.”—Miley Cyrus

“Please Don’t Leave Me”—Pink

“Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”—Will Smith

“Wannabe”—Spice Girls

“Pump up the Jam” —Technotronic


“True Faith”—New Order

“Happy”—Pharrell Williams