How into pickleball are you?


Find out if you have “court boss” cred or are still keeping things casual.

InPickleball | Find out if you have “court boss” cred or are still keeping things casual | Quiz

1. Your favorite thing about your paddle is:

A) Wait, which one?

B) The medium weight— it gives your swing power without being too heavy.

C) Um, it looks good.

2. Your pickleball friends are:

A) Jim the dink king for weekend doubles, Sally with the killer lob for weekday matches, and anyone with a paddle for practice drills in between.

B) Strategically better than you—so you can pick up their skills!

C) Your old college buddies, who still call pickleball ‘Ping-Pong with a bigger net.’

3. Pickleball originated in:

A) Bainbridge Island, Washington, obvs.

B) Definitely the United States.

C) It’s an English sport, right?

4. If you’re in the kitchen, you’re most likely:

A) Delivering a swift, solid ground stroke.

B) Trying to stay out of it as much as possible; you’re too afraid you’ll be tempted to volley.

C) Getting a snack—you’re hungry after a match.

5. Your pickleball idol is:

A) Ben Johns—you’ve got to give props to one of the top players in the world.

B) That guy you see every Saturday. He’s on the court before you arrive and stays long after you’ve left.

C) Dill, half-sour. Yum!

6. To prep for a game, you:

A) Practice shadow swings in front of a mirror, limber up with legwork, then solo dink till your accuracy is off the charts.

B) Study YouTube videos hunting for new tricks.

C) Check out the bar menu for post-match margaritas.

7. Ugh. Your body aches. Where do you feel the pain?

A) That tennis elbow is flaring up again.

B) Your calves are feeling extra tight—you’re still getting used to all the pivoting.

C) The blister you got from gripping the paddle too tightly is no fun. 

8. You’ve spent many, many hours perfecting your:

A) Dink. You’re determined to get it just over the net, making it impossible for your opponent to return.

B) Serve. You sometimes still go a little too hard.

C) Outfit. You want to look like you belong, after all.

9. You’re planning your next vacation. Where are you going?

A) There’s only one option: Naples, Florida, for April’s US Open Pickleball Championships.

B) Somewhere warm, but not too warm. If it’s too hot, you’ll never convince your partner to indulge you in a game.

C) Aspen for some skiing sounds great.

10. When playing doubles, you tend to look for a partner who:

A) Has a killer serve, a strong crosscourt dink, and at least one or two tricks up their game-day sleeve.

B) Is forgiving when you miss that smash or spend too much time in no man’s land.

C) Has a pulse.


We Crown You Court Boss

You live for a good rally, but nothing beats the rush of a competitive smash. Scratch that you’re pretty psyched to show off any move. Kudos on your commitment level! 


Working On It

You may not be a totally devoted pickler, but you sure are close. Your urge to learn is impressive and makes you a fun opponent or partner. 


Cool and Casual

Forget cornhole; your ideal BBQ activity is a feisty game of pickleball. Nothing wrong with this more chill approach. You clearly enjoy the game, especially its social aspects and party-friendly vibe.