10 Pickleball-Ready Socks That Will Rock Your Game


These footwear picks will keep you on your toes

SNEAKERS GET PLENTY OF ATTENTION in the pickleball world. Socks? Not so much. But as it turns out, this footwear can also be a boon for your game, mood, or style.

The best pairs do a hero’s job of keeping odor, moisture, and painful blisters at bay. As Peggy Underwood, founder and CEO of Sweet Pickle Paddles and an avid pickleball player, says, “When you’re playing for hours at a time, sometimes multiple times a day, you need to make sure your socks aren’t retaining moisture, which can lead to blistering; even with well-worn shoes, blisters become a problem when friction and moisture are involved. Sticking to a blend of fabrics that include nylon, spandex, acrylic, or polyester can really make a difference.”

Joey Arbino, entrepreneur, pickleball player, and cofounder of the active-travel blog Wanderlust & Wellness, agrees. “Moisture-wicking socks are key for me to keep my feet dry and comfortable,” he says. “When I don’t have proper moisture-wicking socks, it feels like I’m stepping in little puddles as the socks retain sweat.”

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | Stance | Devereux

SPLASHES AND STRIPES Devereux’s marble pattern and the misaligned hues in Stance’s Glitch style perk up your look

Proper padding is essential, too. “For me, the most important feature of socks for pickleball is the thickness,” says Arbino. “If there isn’t enough, I get holes in the bottom from all the quick stopping, starting, and lateral movement.” And Underwood adds that extra cushion in the toe box can deliver a level of comfort that keeps you on the court longer. “Cushion also protects against friction, minimizing the chance for blisters,” she points out. 

If you suffer from foot issues, pickleball pro Rob Nunnery, cohost of the Freestyle Boys Podcast with Ben Johns, recommends seeking out socks with arch bands. “Arch bands and high-impact support are incredibly important to me, as I battled plantar fasciitis for the first time recently,” he explains. “The best socks are ones that are seamless and contour to my feet,” he says, because he needs a pair that can keep up with the constant quick-burst movement he puts them through on the court while also maintaining a nice feel. 

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | Rhone | Baddle
WELL-HEELED When matches go long, Rhone’s Essentials and Baddle’s pickleball-printed pairs make sure you’re comfortable and supported from the ground up

For pickleball champion Irina Tereschenko, the perfect sock boils down to a Goldilocks situation: “It has to fit just right. It can’t be too thin or too thick or too slippery.” Function is the top priority, but socks also give you the chance to have a little fun with fashion, to boot. Color, patterns, and playful designs can put an extra bounce in your step on the court and make fellow players smile—always a win. “I like to match my outfits, and socks play a key role in this process,” says Tereschenko. “I use a wide variety of styles from short to medium to calf height.” 

 Finally, durability is important. “We buy our shoes with the expectation of a certain number of hours on the court, and our socks are no different,” says Underwood. “When I invest in a higher-quality sock, with moisture-wicking materials and plenty of cushioning, I also want those socks to last.”

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | TrueEnergy | Darn Tough | Bomba
HAVE A BALL Fun meets function in TrueEnergy’s turquoise liners, Darn Tough’s red accents, and Bomba’s bold patterns

Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit to find your go-to game-day socks. “Try new things,” urges Tereschenko. The pickleball champ also has one final piece of sock advice: “Don’t forget to pack an extra pair in your pickleball bag, just in case!” Here are a few of our favorites for the picking—and pickleballing!

1. Adidas Sport Stripe High Quarter Socks

“These Adidas socks are more of a general sports sock instead of a tennis/pickleball sock, but they tick all the boxes,” says Underwood, who likes how the higher ankle protects against friction and eventual blistering. The moisture-wicking fabric blend also works its magic to help prevent blisters, while the cushion in the footbed adds comfort and limits friction. “These are some of my favorite socks for any activity, from pickleball to a long day at Disneyland,” she says. $16 for three pairs, adidas.com

2. Baddle Performance Unisex Socks 

Cushioned footbed? Yep. Breathable? You betcha. Designed to withstand the most grueling of matches? Of course. “These are a bit thicker with the padding that I like,
so I don’t get holes in the bottoms,” observes Arbino. “They also keep my feet dry due to the moisture-wicking.” And we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that our hearts melt a bit for the adorable pickleball graphic on the back of each sock. $25 a pair, baddle.com

3. Bombas Ankle Socks

We love the fun colors and designs of these socks, which get high praise from Courtney Campbell and Carly Bellis, pickleball players and cofounders of Swinton Pickleball online shop. They also appreciate that these socks are soft, supportive, and great for sweating. Crafted with extra-long staple cotton, the honeycomb arch-support system and cushioned footbed are a dream for extended play. “Bombas is just a great company in general,” the duo added, noting the brand’s pledge to donate a second of any item purchased, which means that for each pair you buy, another is given to someone in need. From $12.50 a pair, bombas.com

4. Darn Tough Vermont Lightweight Athletic Sock

Designed with athletic performance in mind so there’s no slipping or bunching, these merino wool, nylon, and Lycra spandex socks are made in America and backed by a lifetime guarantee. We’re fans of their fast-acting wicking, which draws sweat away from your feet, and the odor-resistant fabric, which stays cool in the summer and keeps toes toasty in the winter. They’re lightweight and built to last, and the brand works to ensure responsible sourcing practices and to pay fair wages in their communities. What more could you want when you lace up for your next game? From $17 a pair, darntough.com

5. Definite Articles Ankle Socks

This company—which bills itself as the planet’s most sustainable performance-wear brand—has made an impressive commitment to the environment. Definite Articles launched its activewear collection with socks made of sustainable cotton and nylon along with recycled polyester that’s been treated to make it biodegrade faster once it’s discarded. On top of that, the socks are produced with a minimal-waste process to help stop plastic pollution before it starts. And with a cushioned heel tab, seamless toe, moisture-wicking capabilities, and total arch support, they’re terrific on the court, too. $14.95 a pair, definitearticles.com

6. LassØ Performance Compression Socks

Pro pickleballer Tereschenko is a fan of these compression socks, which offer foot and arch support and feature the brand’s tri-blend moisture-wicking yarns to enhance breathability and reduce friction and blistering. The HyperCompression sock technology is also said to help keep muscles warm, reduce swelling, and increase circulatory blood flow, a plus for those training for a big match. From $30 a pair, lassogear.com

7. OS1st PB4 Pickleball Sock 

“One company that meets my expectations for a proper pickleball sock is OS1st,” says Nunnery. “From plantar fasciitis compression socks to pickleball-specific ankle and crew socks, OS1st is my go-to when it comes to protecting my feet from the demands of playing over 25 weeks on the pro tour.” We particularly like the company’s PB4 Pickleball Sock, which provides cooling technology, impact protection, and more handy features for playing in comfort. $13.99 a pair, os1st.com 

8. Rhone Essentials Mid-Calf 

Available in ankle and no-show styles as well as this mid-calf option, these socks have been designed for maximum comfort and support, and they come in four sharp colorways to suit your style needs. Pickleball players will be grateful for terry-loop padding in the toe and heel, interior rubberized features for a no-slip heel grip, and a lightweight fabric, made with nylon and elastane. $18, rhone.com

9. Thorlos Pickleball or Tennis Socks 

“Some of the best are Thorlos tennis socks or pickleball socks,” says Underwood. “These have a high enough ankle to protect against friction and potential blistering.” She also likes their great blend of fabrics and weaving thickness, which also prevent blistering and ensure comfort. Another standout feature? They’re made with an acrylic blend, which includes thermal fibers for added insulation, moisture-wicking, and durability. From
$13.99 a pair, thorlos.com

10. TrueEnergy Infrared Technology Ultra Light Liner Socks

These fitness-geared socks are a winning pick on the court and off, courtesy of high-tech yarn infused with infrared ceramic crystals that provide great breathability and stellar comfort. The technology combines with the natural heat of your feet and is said to improve circulation and promote tissue regeneration for better recovery—but we also love the cheery colors. $19.99 for three pairs, trueenergysocks.com 


InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | ADIDAS Sport Stripe High Quarter Socks

1. ADIDAS Sport Stripe High Quarter Socks, $16/3 pairs, adidas.com 

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | BADDLE Performance Unisex Socks

2. BADDLE Performance Unisex Socks, $25/pair, baddle.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | BOMBAS Ankle Socks

3. BOMBAS Ankle Socks, now available in these colors, from $12.50/pair, bombas.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | DARN TOUGH Vermont Athletic Socks

4. DARN TOUGH Vermont Athletic Socks, $17/pair, darntough.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | DEFINITE ARTICLES Ankle Socks

5. DEFINITE ARTICLES Ankle Socks, $14.95/pair, definitearticles.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | LassØ Performance Compression Socks

6. LassØ Performance Compression Socks, $30/pair, lassogear.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | OS1st PB4 Pickleball Socks

7. OS1st PB4 Pickleball Socks, $13.99/pair, os1st.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | RHONE Essentials Mid-Calf Socks

8. RHONE Essentials Mid-Calf Socks, $18/pair, rhone.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | THORLOS Pickleball or Tennis Socks

9. THORLOS Pickleball or Tennis Socks, $13.99/pair, thorlos.com

InPickleball | pickleball socks that rock | TRUEENERGY Ultra Light Liner Socks

10. TRUEENERGY Ultra Light Liner Socks, $19.99/3 pairs, trueenergysocks.com 

Photos courtesy the companies